My work is basically abstract,
although discernible images appear in it.

I work in different media, depending on what I am translating into art. My work is about people, places and things and the memories they invoke. I am very drawn to water as I have lived and worked in close proximity to it and never tire of watching the many different activities. An object I use often in collages and books are chairs. Chairs are usually under the influence of whoever sits in them, my chairs are free and can travel and go out and about as they please.

Recent Group Exhibitions:

Recent One Person Exhibitions:

Recent Work

Down Down Below

Oil on Canvas

Quidam 2

Oil on Canvas (60cm x 76cm)

Quidam 3

Oil on Canvas (60cm x 76cm)

The Old Wharf 3

Oil on Canvas

Under the Table

Oil on Canvas (21cm x 31cm)

Bertold Bretch Threepenny Opera

Collage (44cm x 26cm)

"Not For Me"

Collage (20cm x 28cm)

That was Skinny Doo

Collage (20cm x 28cm)

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